January 25, 2016

I Asked, You Answered: Reader Survey Results

A HUGE thank you to everyone that took T.O. & fro's 1st annual survey! Overall, it was an extremely positive experience and I loved learning more about where my readers (whats you!) are coming from, what you enjoy and what you would like to see.

Here are some of the results...

Reader Demographics: Age and Gender
Learning your average age and gender was for my own curiosity. I was happy to see that there was a wide range of ages that read! However, no big surprise here that the majority of T.O. & fro readers are 24-30 years old females because, well, that describes me perfectly. 

Where do you currently call home? 
As most of your know, T.O. & fro started as a journal for friends and family when an unexpected move took my then hockey-playing husband and I over 4500 miles from home to Alaska. Having spent 3 years living in the Land of the Midnight Sun, it is the inspiration for a lot of my posts (because I'm a huge Alaska-pusher) and I was able to build a large US-based community while living there. Now that we live back home in Toronto, my Canadian readership (aside from family and friends), has begun to grow. The fact that I have readers from the other half of the world makes me so excited too!

How did you originally hear about T.O. & fro?
I am happy to see that the majority of you first heard about T.O. & fro from other blogs. I love sponsoring other blogs, and the answer to this question just goes to show that supporting others, strengthening relationships and building community is totally worth it.

How long have you been visiting T.O. & fro?
Welcome to all of those new readers! I am so happy to have you around. In 2015, T.O. & fro definitely went through a growth spurt.2015 was a good year for T.O. & fro - I published many posts that my readers enjoyed, I started monetizing my blog and, as proved by the answer to this questions, T.O. & fro’s community grew substantially. A special shout out to all of you that have been with me for over 24+ months! T.O. & fro has changed so much from it's early beginnings, so thank you for sticking with me. 

A follow up to this question was "How often do you visit T.O. & fro?". I was happy to see that the majority of you come around at least once per week. 

What are your favourite T.O. & fro posts?
It's hard to tell which post topics you enjoy the most because the posts that are currently sitting in the "most popular post" category cover a range of topics. According to my readers, the top 3 popular post topics:
1. Food/Recipes
2. Toronto/Canada
3. Alaska

These are also my favourite to write :)

What would you like to see MORE of?
I love that the #1 answer was MORE Food/Recipes! I love sharing my favourite recipes, so adding more will not be a problem at all. One of my favourite comments from this questions was "life in general". When I think about recent/past posts, there really are few where I just sit down and open up about what we've been up to, etc. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming weeks!

What would you like to see LESS of?
I was a little nervous to ask this question, but had to remember that the point of a survey is to take the good with the bad. Turns out, the results weren't bad at all. There were a lot of "nothing, n/a, love it all, etc." in the comments, but one comment really stood out to me - "It's your blog, do your thing. If I am not interested in a topic, I can come back another day!".  Thank you to whoever wrote that comment. While I love writing for my readers, I am also writing for myself. I understand that not everyone is going to enjoy what I write about and I am fine with that.

Again, a HUGE thank you again to everyone that took the time to answer my reader survey! I really appreciate it, and all your answers and comments have helped give me an idea of where to go (and not go) with T.O. & fro.

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