May 13, 2016


Oh hey, it's Friday. It's also mid-May. Whoa!

5 things I've been up to lately...

Cinco de Mayo. Any day that involves celebrating with good food and drink, I'm there. However, this year we had to skip the margaritas. But, what we lacked in margs, we made up for in pulled pork tacos, made in the slow cooker. Yum! By the way, the hard taco shell in the photo below is ranch-dusted (aka tastes like Cool Ranch Doritos)... mind blown. 

pulled pork tacos

Snapchat filters. Ok, so I may be a little late to the party, but I just recently discovered Snapchat filters. These things kill me, tears have been shed. I could spend hours on the face swap filter alone. Creeeepy.

snapchat filters
her father's daughter  //  her mother's daughter

Spring weather. Now that the weather is in the mid to high teens (high 60s), I've been taking every chance I get to go out for a walk. My new favourite thing is to strap little missy into the front carrier and hit the trail behind our house. Not only does it put her in an instant coma, carrying that extra 10 pounds is a good workout, and just what I need to ease back into some type of routine.

spring weather

My first Mother's Day. My husband had to work on Sunday, so we celebrated a day early. Morley got me a beautiful Michael Kor's bracelet, she has such good taste. My parents also came down for a nice visit. On the actual day, my sister in law took us out for brunch. I could get used to being spoiled like that.

my first mother's day

The little lady. Baby girl is almost 2 months old. Time has sure flown by. She's starting to get into a sleep routine (yay for 4 hours straight!). I would love for her to go longer, but how can you be mad at a tiny face that now smiles back at you? She also has a new best friend, and is quite the chatty Cathy when they're together.

What have you been up to lately?

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