June 13, 2016

The End of a Decade

Time sure does fly. This past weekend I said adios to my 20s. It was goodbye to the end of a decade full of new adventures and new experiences. To a decade where I saw growth not only in myself, but also in my relationships. To a decade that made my heart grow 10 sizes.

Another birthday always means the chance to reflect on the year that just passed. Except this time, I am reflecting on the entire decade...

20 & 21: I gained many valuable lessons and experiences as I completed my undergraduate degree in Marine & Freshwater Biology. 

22:  I graduated from university and pondered what was next in life.

23:  I decided to go back to school and landed a summer job that I had only dreamt of as a child.

24:  I completed my graduate program, got my scuba certification, landed a competitive internship that made me realize what I didn't want to do in life and said "Let's do it!" to a move to Anchorage, Alaska with my then hockey-playing boyfriend.

My 24th year was the start of this little blog, which was then titled "Our Alaskan Staycation". My how it has grown.

25:  I started my dream job and took a once in a lifetime trip to the polar bear capital of the world. 

26:  I went from girlfriend to fiancee, saying "yes!" to the perfect proposal

27:  We said "Goodbye for now!" to Alaska, took the ultimate road trip home to Toronto and got married.

28:  We took a trip back to the land that we love and bought our first home

29:  We found out we were having a baby, took a surprise vacation to Italy with my family and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

The perfect end to my 20s.

When I list out all of my successes, failures, accomplishments and experiences over the past decade, I can't help but smile. I always thought that Taylor Swift had it right when she said, "I'm feeling 22." And while 22 was a good year, I can already tell 30 is going to be so much better.

Adios 20s, hello 30s. Bring it on!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped me celebrate this special day, and to all of those for their wonderful birthday messages.

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