February 15, 2017

Talking Daycare & Preparing for a Positive Experience

Ladies and gents, the time has come.

The time has come to officially head back to work and put my daughter's care in the hands of someone else.

Cue the waterworks.

Talking Daycare & Preparing for a Positive Experience + Giveaway

While I originally planned on taking the full year maternity leave and not go back to work until it was done, an earlier spot opened up at the local daycare and we jumped on it. Daycare wait lists are no joke, and we didn't want to pass it up.

So, daycare starts and back to work I go.

Again, cue the waterworks.

Talking Daycare & Preparing for a Positive Experience + Giveaway

Today marks day three of the official first week of daycare. And speaking from experience so far, it has not been all rainbow and butterflies.  While minimal tears were shed from both parties, last week's transition week definitely came with its highs and lows.

The start of daycare marks a significant transition for your family. There are so many things to think about when it comes to selecting, registering, preparing, transitioning, waving goodbye and everything in between. And if you're like me, you want it to be perfect.

To help both you and your child navigate this big change in routine, check out these tips that I learned, and used, to help prepare for a positive first daycare experience.

Start the change in routine early.

If attending daycare requires a new schedule (i.e. waking up earlier, eating breakfast at a different time, etc.), begin this new routine several days before to make the transition easier for your child.

Ease into it.

Take advantage of the transition week. A slow, part time introduction to the new environment works best for many kids. Most centres also give parents the choice of dropping off and leaving or hanging around for a bit during the first week.  

Our daycare required us to hang out in the building for the first week, just incase they had any questions.

Trust and communicate.

While the thought of someone else caring for your child, teaching your child new things and creating memories with your child may scare you (and even make you a wee bit jealous), remember this is their job. They are licensed professionals, so you must put your trust in them. 

If you're nervous, call the daycare and check on your child. The facility should be more than happy to give you first day updates.

Start a goodbye routine.

Establishing a specific goodbye routine will help your child be more comfortable at drop-off time, so begin one the first day. Even if your child is upset, stay calm. A confident attitude will help reassure your little one that everything will be okay. 

Be patient. Be flexible.

The first week of day care involves an adjustment for you, as well as your child. Be patient. It will take some time, but everything will work out for the both of you. 

If you are heading back to work right away, make sure your employer is aware of your situation. You might need a little extra flexibility in your schedule over the next few days to establish your new routine.

Be prepared.

Most daycares will provide parents with a list of items to bring beforehand. This usually includes diapers, wipes, diaper cream, extra change of clothes, indoor shoes and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing.

With strict health regulations and restrictions, most daycares cater meals for the children. That's great if your baby is eating solids. But, if they are still also drinking breast milk or formula, you will need to be prepared to supply your own.

For those that are still breast feeding, providing enough expressed milk will be a huge priority. A good quality breast pump will help you achieve the required supply for baby when you can't be around. I've been a huge fan of Philips Avent throughout our parenting journey, so my breast pump of choice was the Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pump

I opted for the single electric model because it was budget-friendly, allowed me to have one hand free during pumping and the compact, lightweight design made it easy to use, storage and transport. This pump features a gentle stimulation mode and three pumping settings to help you pump more milk, more comfortably. The pump is compatible with all Philips Avent bottles, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding for when you are with and away from baby. While I don’t have experience with other pumps, the only downside to this product would be that the motor on this pump did seem a little loud when operating.  However, that in no way hindered its effectiveness at getting the job done. This pump also comes in an easy manual operation. 

Talking Daycare & Preparing for a Positive Experience + Giveaway
Talking Daycare & Preparing for a Positive Experience + Giveaway

Tears are ok.
Lastly, there will be tears. From both parties. And that's ok. 

The transition from being home with mom to being in a daycare setting with new, strange people can be traumatic. Even with the best preparation, your child is likely to be upset, at least in the beginning, when you leave them at daycare. And so are you. It's a big change! But, it will get better.

It's hard to hand your baby over to someone else, but focusing on the friends they'll make, the new things they'll learn and the fun they'll have will make the both of you feel better about the experience.

Do you have any tips or tricks for creating a positive daycare experience? I'd love to hear!


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