May 29, 2017

One Good Thing

In today's world, being negative seems to come easy. It's so easy to complain about what's happening on the news and in other parts of the world, about the bills that are piling up, about the commute to and from work and even about work itself.

Negative events, negative conversations, negative actions and negative thoughts stick with us well beyond the positive. 

While plentiful, talking about the good things is never as simple. The positives are quick to dismiss and quick to forget.

The key is making the positive events stick. 

One Good Thing - A Daily Gratitude Challenge

My husband and I have recently adopted a new daily activity that we like to call One Good Thing. It's a simple daily exercise that goes a little something like this...

Each day, usually after we get both get home from work, put Morley to bed or are off to bed ourselves, we both ask each other to do one simple thing - "Tell me one good thing about your day."

Not a disappointment. Not a rant. Not something negative. Something good. A compliment. A win. A success. Something worth celebrating.

One Good Thing - A Daily Gratitude Challenge

Some days, I have to dig really deep to pull one good thing out of my day. But then some days, sharing one good thing is easy and often snowballs into one good thing after another.

Some days both of our good things revolve around the same topic. But then some days, they're vastly different.

Some days that one good thing may be small, like checking an item off the to-do list. But then some days, it may be bigger, like celebrating one of Morley's accomplishments.  

One Good Thing - A Daily Gratitude Challenge

Sure, our days still involve the occasional rant. We wouldn't be human if they didn't. But adopting this activity has shown us that we can cut through that negative air and let the positive shine through. 

Whether big or small, even on the worst day imaginable, it is still possible to find something positive to celebrate. 

I challenge you to adopt this daily activity, be it with your partner, your coworkers, your friends, your parents or even your children. 

Stop and smell the tulips once in a while. It may surprise you. 

Share your positives on social with the #OneGoodThing hashtag. I'd love to see them!

Now its your turn, tell me one good thing about YOUR day. 

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