June 30, 2017

The Mother of All Worries

If you asked my mom, she would likely call me a “worrywart”.  I’m definitely no stranger to the phrase. Growing up, I was always worried about one thing or another. Mostly about others or things that were completely beyond my control.

When I took on the role of “mom”, I knew that worrying was part of the job description. But, I had no idea how much different the worrying would be.

A Day at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

On one hand, I am happy to rid myself of the days where I used to put so much onus on what people would think of me, what was happening days down the road or even about something that happened days before.

One the other hand, the worrying is now bigger picture. With a 15 month old daughter who watches my every move and knowing that every choice I make impacts her in some way, well, that’s a lot of pressure for a mama. How can you not be plagued with worry?

I have officially entered the uncomfortable world of maternal anxiety.

A Day at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

Worrying is nothing new. And as moms, we all worry about similar things - “Why won’t baby stop crying?”, “Is my baby getting enough to eat?”, “Is my baby normal?” or even, “Am I a good mom?”, just to name a few.

As a mom, I also know that the worrying has only just begun. As Morley grows up, the worries will only change. Until that day, I focus on the present and the normal worries of a mom with a 15 month old daughter. And, most importantly, I will continue to focus on the joys of being a mom with a 15 month old daughter, like getting to build sand castles at the beach.

A Day at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

Becoming a mom has taught me what is important and what is not worth fretting over. One thing I don’t need to worry about is keeping her comfortable and dry, whether at the beach or overnight.

The NEW Pampers Baby Dry diapers now have the same Extra Absorb Channels that exist on Swaddlers and Cruisers. Unlike ordinary diapers, Pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to 3x drier, pulling liquid away, so our little ones can sleep soundly all night long. The Pampers exclusive thick-to-thin technology distributes wetness evenly and locks is away so babies are even drier than before. 

A Day at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

Pampers Baby Dry may have a new look, but they are still the same diaper (plus, even more absorbent) you have come to trust to give you and your baby up to 12 hours of overnight protection. And that is one worry you can strike off your list.

New Pampers Baby Dry diapers are starting to become available in sizes 5 and 6 now – sizes 1-4 will be available this fall! 

How do you deal with mom guilt and worry? What are some things you worry about? I’d love to hear!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Pampers but the images and opinions are 100% my own.
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