January 18, 2018

Hockey, It's in Our Family's DNA

As one of our national sports, hockey is ingrained in so many Canadian lives, whether you play the game or watch it on TV.

Our family is very much a hockey family. You could say it’s in our DNA. 

Hockey has played many roles in both of our lives, from young children to the adults we are today. It was an extracurricular activity, it was a career, and my personal favourite, it was the common connection between two high schoolers over a decade ago. 

Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup

For me, hockey was an extracurricular activity, playing recreationally when I was in elementary school. For my husband Steve, it was a bit more, giving him the opportunity to live out his childhood dream. In fact, it was just a few years ago that he “retired” from a decade plus long career playing junior and professional hockey. And for the both of us, because of that junior hockey, it was also the start of our relationship. 

Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup

Hockey has taken us many amazing places, introduced us to many amazing people and given us both many amazing opportunities in the process.  It has played a role in shaping us into the people we are today.

As a result, we know first-hand the benefits associated with Canada’s favourite game, both on and off the ice. 

If you were to ask my husband, the benefits of the sport go beyond the physical exercise, and well beyond the rink. The game teaches the importance of leadership, discipline and, possibly most importantly, sportsmanship.

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If you were to ask his favourite part of the game, he would probably tell you it was the competition and the exhilaration of being on the ice and playing the game that he still loves so much. But, outside of the rink? Whether it was reading books to school children, introducing children to the game for the very first time or visiting the local children’s hospital at Christmas, one of his favourite parts of the game was giving back to the local community where he was playing that season. And these good deeds did not go unnoticed. He was considered a “local celebrity”, but also a role model to many children and community members.

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So yes, hockey is very much in our DNA. But, now, it doesn’t just stop at my husband and I.

This winter, we look forward to strapping on Morley's first pair of skates and seeing her in action. We can only hope that she takes as much of an interest in the sport as her parents once did.

Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup

In partnership with Hockey Canada, Chevrolet is encouraging good sportsmanship on and off the ice. 

In its second year, Chevrolet is continuing the Good Deeds Cup to search for Peewee teams in Canada that demonstrate good deeds throughout their community. Aside from spreading good sportsmanship throughout their community, finalists and the ultimate winner will receive the Good Deeds Cup, be featured on Sportsnet and receive $15,000 towards the charity of their choice. 

Visit Chevrolet Hockey to view the Top 10 Finalist videos and vote for your choice for the winner of the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup! 

*Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Chevrolet and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.
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