May 11, 2018

Guest Bathroom Inspiration: The Beach

When I think of our happy place, the outdoors immediately comes to mind. And one outdoor space that makes us especially happy is, the beach! 

Growing up on Lake Huron, I have many fond memories of my time at the beach. So when thinking of designing our new home, I knew I wanted to bring some of the lake (and ocean, I don't discriminate when it comes to water) to us. 

The guest bathroom in our new home will double as Morley’s bathroom. In carrying the outdoors theme from her bedroom over, this time, we’re going to get our toes wet with a beach theme. Think lots of blues, beach treasures and underwater photos and art. 
Beach Theme Bathroom Inspiration Board

Since it is a small space, and to be honest, the lighting isn't fantastic, the plan is to keep the walls fairly light and bring in the colour with the decor (towels, bath mat, shower curtain, etc.). We have quite a few photographs we've taken during our time spent at the beach that we will add to the walls for a personal touch.

To learn more about our move, check out these posts:

Stay tuned for the next few months as we get our hands dirty turning our vision into reality, and share the before and after shots of the new space!

Have you recently designed a bathroom? What were some must haves? And what were some things you could have left out? I’d love to hear!

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