November 16, 2018

Life, It’s a Bit of a Circus

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As a new family of four, life is chaotic. With no sign of slowly down anytime soon. 

A “circus” is the perfect metaphor to describe us. 

Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts

Yes, life as a new family of four is a bit of a circus. 

My husband is the magician. He works his magic to provide for our family. His days are long but he keeps the food on the table, the clothes on our backs and the roof over our heads with how hard he works. 

Our three month old is the clown. She keeps us entertained. She makes us laugh every day and reminds us to smile no matter what else is going on.

Our toddler, she’s the monkey. She’s messy, she's loud and she’s plain crazy. She’s everything a monkey is and more. Oh, and crafty. Man, oh man, is that little brain of hers smart.

And me? Not to toot my own horn, but mama bear would be the ringmaster - mastering our family's finances, schedules and life in general. I like to think I’m in charge, that I control the show and keep everyone in line. However, most days, it’s a real balancing act. Maybe I should take on the role of juggler instead…

Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts

But back to that monkey. 

Not only are monkeys messy, loud and crafty, they also have immense amounts of energy. And with all of that energy, they’re always eating. Toddlers are the same. At least, my daughter is. She’s always eating. Girlfriend likes her food.

And as the full-time ringmaster/juggler and chef, I’m always having to come up with new snacks and meals to keep that monkey’s tummy full and happy. 

Turns out, my monkey is pretty easy to please when you find something she likes. Take bread for example. “Monkeys” like bread. She would eat it at every meal if she could. 

Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts
Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts

We recently took our monkey’s love of bread to the next level with the NEW Dempster’s Pull-Aparts - the sweet (but not too sweet) bun that is delicious, just the way it is. No need for butter, peanut butter or jam.

Dempster’s Pull-Aparts are the perfect snack at home and on the go, and they are now available at major retailers across Ontario. All you have to do to enjoy them is, literally, just pull them apart! There’s no wrong way to pull apart a pull-apart, even a monkey can do it!

Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts
Life, it's Like a Circus - NEW Dempster's Pull-Aparts

But if we're like a circus, that means we're also a good team. And despite still trying to establish the foundations - we’re still learning our new routines, the ground rules and those new roles that come with them - our new family of four is just that, a team. Despite the craziness, we work well together. And only three months into this journey as a family of four, we are on our way to becoming a well-oiled machine. We have fun. We laugh loud. We love hard. We are one big happy family. 

Oh, and good food also helps.

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If your life was a circus, what roles would your family play? How do you juggle it all? I’d love to hear!

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