April 18, 2019

Satisfying Our Wanderlust, Through Our Bellies

We didn’t take a big vacation this year. Between a new babe and a new house, it just wasn’t in the cards. And we’re ok with that because instead, we decided to keep it local, with a couple of day outings and weekend trips here and there. A stay-cation, if you will. 

*Disclosure: I’ve partnered with YMC and Moneris and have received compensation for this post. As always, all opinions and experiences are 100% that of To & Fro.

Despite enjoying our stay-cation, you could say we’re itching for an adventure. But, until we can get away (I’m looking at you Alaska 2020), one way that we satisfy our wanderlust to it revisit memories of trips from the past.

While we’ve had some great adventures, one trip that sticks out in our minds is from 2012, when we ventured to Kauai, Hawaii for our friends’ wedding. We spent 10 whole days exploring, and eating and drinking our way through, the island. It was definitely a memorable one.

Calii Love balloon mural

Now when I say we revisit memories from past trips to curb our wanderlust, I don’t mean we just look at photos. One of our favourite ways of “taking a trip down memory lane” is to also eat the food that we enjoyed while we were there.

Living in the big and diverse city of Toronto, almost any type of food you crave is essentially at your finger tips. (Ok, maybe not salmon straight out of the Kenai River in Alaska, but that’s why I said almost.) So, when we crave the poke bowls like the ones we had while relaxing on Hanalei Bay beach in Hawaii, we don’t have to travel far.

Calii Love King Street West Toronto Ontario Canada

On one of our more recent day outings downtown Toronto, we discovered Calii Love, on King St West. I have walked past it many times before (and have seen their unique insta-worthy photo ops all over social media), but had never ventured in.

Calii Love is a California- and Hawaii-inspired healthy lifestyle hub for all. It started from the idea that a grab and go food place could be more than just your everyday salads and bowls. They decided to take that experience and elevate it with positive emotions, wellness and a sense of community.

Vegans, vegetarians, chicken lovers, fish lovers, whether you’re dairy intolerant or gluten intolerant or simply want to enjoy a great coffee or latte, you will find something you enjoy at Calii Love. And enjoy we sure did.

Calii Love angel wings mural

With every offering on their menu named after a feeling, they literally allowed us to “eat our feelings” of our trip to Hawaii. I enjoyed the “Amazing” signature poke bowl - filled with fresh tuna and salmon - while reminiscing about how much of an amazing vacation it really was.  

You know what else I love about this place? Every decision made at Calii Love starts with a respect for the ingredients, the purpose for those ingredients and where they come from. This includes mindfully sourcing ingredients to meet sustainability standards. As someone with a deep respect for the environment, and especially the ocean, I love that they only use sustainably harvested Ocean Wise-certified seafood in their bowls.

Calii Love Amazing Signature Poke Bowl
Calii Love King Street West Toronto Ontario Canada

Not only did Calii Love allow us to eat delicious, fresh food and relive some great memories from our time in Hawaii, visiting also allowed us to support a local, small business. Supporting our local business owners has never been more important. You know who else is committed to supporting local? Moneris. They are here to make transactions easy for both merchants and retailers, thanks to their payment solutions for every type of business.

Ok, so it may not be exactly the same as sitting on a beautiful beach, watching the waves crash against the sand while enjoying a fresh poke bowl, BUT Calii Love did allow use to relive those memories, while eating local and enjoying a delicious lunch with our little family. And that is something I can support.

I would love to hear - what are your favourite ways to satisfy your wanderlust?

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