March 19, 2020

Kid-Friendly Activity: Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

Social distancing causing you to go a little stir crazy? Ya, us too. But just because you're social distancing, it doesn't mean you have to stay indoors. Get outside with this Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt - the perfect kid-friendly social distancing activity!

Kid-Friendly Social Distancing Activity: Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

This past week has been a game changer in our lives. People across the world are anxiously settling into their social distancing routines in an effort to remain safe and flatten the curve and spread of the novel coronavirus. Schools are closed. People are without jobs, or being forced to work from home.  Grocery store shelves are empty. Social distancing is a thing. Covid-19 has affected each and everyone of us. It's a weird world right now. 

And while I can't speak for everyone, I can speak as a parent who has unexpectedly found herself home for the foreseeable future with her two small children. (It honestly gives me flashbacks of my days on maternity leave, before we shipped our oldest off to preschool so I could have a bit of my sanity back.)

I don't feel prepared for this level of lockdown — honestly, how could anyone? For those with little ones now at home, we have been forced to scramble - to put together daily schedules, activities, kid-friendly lunches, in a effort to keep some semblance of their normal routine, their daily structure and level of learning they're used to in school. 

And while it's only day 4, and we're still settling in, we've found a few trips to help keep us sane. 

One thing those tricks? Getting outside. Just because you're social distancing, doesn't mean you have to stay indoors. The outdoors is coronavirus-free, good for your immune system and even better for your mental health. Do some yard work, dust off your bicycle, take a walk around the block... just get outside.

The outdoors is also an ever-changing, free classroom filled with unlimited learning possibilities. And so, we're taking full advantage. 

One activity that we've recently incorporated into our outdoors time is a Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

Kid-Friendly Social Distancing Activity: Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt
Download your very own Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt here

This scavenger hunt is great for kids of all ages, and can easily be adapted for the little ones by substituting the words for pictures. You can either use this FREE printable (pdf), or have your kids help you come up with a list of items to search for. Let them use their imaginations. 

While the girls has a blast looking for items to check off on their list, mama also enjoyed it. I got to see just how much my wild children love the outdoors, and we all got to slow down, take our mind off of current events and just have fun as a family.

Happy social distancing!

What have you and your family been up to? Any favourite social distancing activities to share? I'd love to hear!

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