September 16, 2011

Brown Bear in Kenai

Well we did it!  We FINALLY saw that brown bear that we’ve been dying to see all summer! And this one was at the perfect distance.  This female brown bear was looking for some salmon in the Kenai River.  The flow of the Kenai is pretty fast so the fact that she was pretty much motionless in the river while catching fish just goes to show how powerful these animals really are. 

This was such an amazing sight that I can’t just include one photo this week…

The Kenai and Russian Rivers are clear, shallow stream that draws thousands of visitors each season who are in search of the prized sockeye salmon or rainbow trout. Similar to the rest of the Kenai Peninsula, brown and black bears inhabit this area, searching for food for themselves and/or their young. 

Have you seen a bear in the wild?


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