January 10, 2012

Best of 2011

2011 was a good year, possibly one of the best! Some highlights of the year included getting my first big girl job and everything I've learned/experienced from it, Steve's team winning the Kelly Cup, experiencing our first summer in AK (the entire summer was a memorable one), a new apartment, the start of our Sunday dinner challenge/tradition with friends (which deserves a post by itself... coming soon) and the fortunate opportunity to continue Our Alaskan Staycation.  In the middle of all of these exciting experiences,  I got a new camera and was able to document most of the memories.  Here are SOME of the documented most memorable moments of 2011.  ENJOY :)

P.S.  Have I told you lately how much we are still in love with this place?

Mt McKinely, or Denali, in Denali National Park
Cross fox in Denali National Park during the Griswald Family Vacation (aka Wales Family AK Vacay)
First polar bear sighting during Polar Bears International's Leadership Camp in Churchill, MB, Canada
My little girl, Maya the musk ox.  Friends since she was a day old, 9 months later she is double my weight and still my baby
Our favorite spot in Kincaid Park
Eagle River in the fall
My little buddy Mac, the red fox
The Kelly Cup
Steve fishing in Taku Lake
Our first wild brown bear - A female fishing in the Kenai River

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