January 11, 2012

Organization Smorganization

I'm not a fan of New Years resolutions.  Never have been and probably never will be.  I'm not going to tell myself that I will go to the gym every day because I know that I'm just lying to myself. 

This year Steve has vowed to be more organized, which means keeping our room clean, putting things away when we're done with them, removing clutter, etc, etc.  Here's where we have a problem.  "Mar" and "organized" are not two words you would necessarily hear in the same sentence.  It's just not me.  I'm not a slob or your next hoarders episode, but I'm not ocd about cleaning either.  I know where everything is and I like it that way.  I love writing lists and my day planner is immaculate, but putting things away and decluttering don't always work for me.  It's a struggle Steve and I have every single day when I get home from work.  It starts with him telling me my coat does not belong on the back of the kitchen chair and me groaning while I hang it up in the laundry room.  Why would I do that when I'm just going to wear it again tomorrow!? Bless his little heart, he has so much patience with me.

Since we moved into the new apartment, our room has looked like we're having a yard sale.  We have accumulated a lot of "stuff" since the big move up here and it always seems to be on display.  I have to admit, it is a bit annoying, especially when you're the first to get up in am, the lights are off and you step on or kick something! 

To go along with this new organization thing, Steve has started a new "one in, one out" philosophy, where for every new thing he buys, he tosses one old. That's where my organizing and decluttering stop and I put down my foot.  Simplifying his wardrobe may be for him, but it is definitely not for me.  Girls need their options. "Yes, I need 10 pairs of jeans, one for each pair of shoes I own" or  "Just because I haven't worn that in a year doesn't mean I will never wear it again!  Remember I work at a zoo." I have a hard time parting with my things, clearly.

After seeing Steve's patience slowly turn to frustration, I decided I need to change my ways and get on board with this whole organization thing. And so I spent this past weekend going through my stuff, tossing what I don't need and keeping what I do.  Even though I have a hard time parting with clothes, it was helpful to hear Steve say "If you're not going to wear it, you might as well give it to someone who will."  Good point.

I have recently fallen victim to Pinterest and come across many new, and somewhat inspiring, organization ideas.  While some are a little psychotic and way too organized for me, others are the perfect baby steps I need to become organized Mar.  For example, using shower curtain rings on a wooden coat hanger to organize my 4754837593 scarves (every girl needs that many scarves right?!).  It has totally transformed our closet! Who knew something so simple could make our closet look less cluttered!

It was a struggle, but I now think it's safe to say there may be something between Mar and organized.  As of lastnight, our room looks like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine and it feels good!  (You would be so proud mom!)  Now let's see how long this lasts...


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