January 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks my 1 year anniversary at the Alaska Zoo.  Wow, has time flown by!  I am truly blessed to have been given this opportunity and couldn't have asked for a better first big girl job!

This past year has been full of meeting new people, creating amazing new relationships (both human and nonhuman) and most of all, filled with many new and incredible learning opportunities and experiences.  I can't even begin to list them all!

Here are some of my fav pictures from the past year.  I'll let them do all the talking...

My first animal friend at the zoo, Peabody the great horned owl
(© Greg Martin 2011)
My girl Maya and I.
Obviously my favorite animal at the zoo, and picture of the year.
 (© Kathryn Roy 2011)
One of my red fox friends, Trip
(© Wales 2011)
Ahpun and Lyutyik playing in the pool.
 (© Wales 2011)
Our life-size plastic bottle polar bears made to promote plastics
recycling within the Anchorage School District
(© Wales 2011)
Qannick - an orphaned polar bear cub from the North Slope
that spent some time at the Alaska Zoo and is now living
at the Louiseville Zoo.
(© Wales 2011)
Looking into the eyes of a polar bear at Polar Bears Intertional's
Leadership Camp in Churchill, MB
(© Wales 2011)
Being Jack Hanna for Jack Hanna at the zoo's annual fundraiser
(© Steve Ward 2011)

A quote that stuck with me from "We Bought a Zoo": "If you had to choose between people and animals, who would you pick?"

I think it's obvious...  I LOVE my job!

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