April 21, 2012

Breaking Up

Spring is in the air. I know, officially spring started in March, but that was in the rest of North America. Not in Alaska.  We set the record snow fall on Easter weekend... I don't call that spring.

In Alaska there is a season that comes between winter and spring.  This season is called breakup. For Alaskans breakup is a word that creates excitement. It can be both dreaded and beautiful. Ugly, yet oh so awesome. Grass, and garbage, are slowly emerging from underneath the massive snow banks, my allergies have decided to make an appearance because of all the dust and dirt on the roads, water is pouring off the eaves like it is raining cats and dogs, small lakes are popping up in parking lots, potholes are large enough to swallow a car, rain boots are fashionable and our car is crusted in an inch of dirt.  Not only is breakup about all of the above, but it also means sun is pouring in our windows at 6:30am, we're able to fire up the grill, take after-dinner walks and it gives us a reason to wear sunglasses at night.  I've even seen people in tshirts and shorts, despite it being only reaching the mid 50s, maybe even low 60s if we've lucky.  But that's Alaska for you - Breakup is what we live for.  It's the reason why we put up with 8 months of darkness and 11 feet of snow. We know what comes next, and summer in AK is sooooo worth it.

View from our window at 10:45pm.  And it's only going to get better.


Thought I would share this beautiful picture from alaska.org. 
This shot of Anchorage was taken at 10:30pm earlier this week. 

For those of you interested in crossing Alaska off your bucket list, alaska.org is a great resource for all things to do and see in Alaska! They even have an iPhone app!

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