April 19, 2012

Remembering Rocky

We were definitely missing something in our lives this past year without our small face friend Titus.    Although not nearly the same, we temporarily decided to fill the void... with mice.  When I was younger, I always had small pets in the house, from turtles to fish to hamster, gerbils, guinea pigs and spiny mice.  Steve on the other hand, never had a small pet.  All the reason to get one in our mid 20s right?!  Working at a zoo, there was an unlimited supply and so one day I brought home Rocky. "He" needed a home and I needed a new tiny friend to temporarily fill that spot in my heart.  A few months later, our tiny friend family grew to two and we soon realized that Rocky was not a he, but a she.  Nevertheless, Rocky and Mo quickly became friends.  

But unfortunately, there comes a time in every living thing's life when it is time to move on. This week was Rocky's time.  It was time for her to move on to a better place. Mo lost his bff. 

Who knew we would have grown so attached. It's always sad when you lose something or someone, no matter the size.

Besties - Rocky and Mo.
This is how mice hold hands.

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