April 30, 2012

Mexican Fiesta

Whoops, a day late!  Totally forgot to hit publish on this yesterday...

As Steve takes his pregame nap and I sit on the couch watching Bizarre Foods of America dreaming that [sometimes] I could have Andrew Zimmern's job, I figured it was about time I wrote a post about Sunday dinner.  It's been quite a while.

After over a month long vacation, Sunday dinner made a comeback a few weeks back, before playoffs took over our lives. And this time, we were up! The challenge?  A Mexican fiesta complete with salmon tacos and orange-cilantro slaw, spicy baked sweet potato fries (obviously deep fried because that's how we roll) and margaritas!  When you're having Mexican, margaritas are a must, and I must admit Steve makes one of the deadliest margaritas I've ever had. You can never have just one!
This was the perfect Sunday dinner meal.  There is never a shortage of fish, specifically salmon or halibut, in the freezers of Alaskans.  And since it is almost that time of the year again, it also means people are trying to rid their freezers of last year's haul.  All the better to make fish tacos :)

Not only was it delish, it was fairly simple, which is definitely needed when you're cooking for 9 people.  Another plus of simplicity?  No near death battles in our kitchen.  Always a good thing when Steve and I are cooking. I can't forget to mention the great company for this meal. The Sunday dinner gang, plus those [lucky few] that occasionally join us, are amazing people and always make Sunday dinner a delight. Yummy food and drink and good company, what more could you ask for? This meal was easily given an A+.

Sadly since playoffs are in full swing, we probably won't get to enjoy another Sunday dinner with friends until the beginning of June.  By that time, we'll be able to sit out under the midnight sun, which makes Sunday dinners even better. We'll be picking that recipe so stay tuned for a good one!

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