April 25, 2012

Birthday Girl

Time for me to brag, again.

Today was Maya's 1st birthday.  In case you don't know who Maya is, you clearly need to catch up on Our Alaskan Staycation.  Maya is my large fur baby, an orphaned muskox calf that I have been friends with since she arrived at the Zoo last April.  I've watched her grow from 25 to 200 pounds. Hard to believe she is 1 year old. Time flies.

With the end of the school year fast approaching and school children descending on the zoo for end of the year trips, I haven't had the chance to spend any time with Maya lately.  But today she was in need of some lovin', and so was I.  I know what you're thinking,  she's crazy/what on earth would you do with a musk ox?!  Well, we have fun.  Today, we played soccer and pushed around a barrel.  That head of hers is pretty tough, an those horns have turned into little daggers, daggers that she loves to have scratched. I was laughing my head off as she pranced around like the happiest little muskox in the world. I'm pretty sure if muskoxen could talk, she would have been laughing too. I had many zoo visitors stop to watch us interact, ask questions and make comments about how gentle and loving she was toward me, despite being twice my size. She definitely shows love. I even got some passing kids to sing her "Happy Birthday" to her. Made my day. 

So in honor of beautiful Maya's birthday, I thought I'd do some reminiscing, from day 1 all the way up to day 365. I dare you to tell me these pictures don't make you crack a smile or let out a small "awwwweee".

Don't be fooled by the bottle... we recycle.
Harness training. 

Going for a walk after meeting Jack Hanna.
This will forever be my favorite picture.

Clearly I could go on forever, but I'd rather not make you gag over the love I have for this little girl.


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