August 31, 2012

Time Flies.

Today is August 31.  Time flies.

Hockey starts again in less than a month.  Time flies.

Remember that post a few months back about my parents selling our childhood home so they could build their dream house? (see The House That Built Me)  Ya, well that house sold 6 days after I wrote that.  Today marks the last day our family can ever be called the Westgate Wales'. Time flies.

The days have finally become "normal".  It's dark when we go to bed and dark when we wake up.  We even spotted "termination dust" (a dusting of snow) on the tops of the mountains in Denali last weekend. It's time to pull out the slippers. Winter isn't too far behind.  Time flies.

My brother sent me this picture of our university diplomas side-by-side the other day.  We graduated from the same university, 4 years apart.  Not sure if he was sending me this to a) remind me how cool he is (you know I'm proud of you T) or to b) remind me how old we're getting.  Probably a, but I was definitely feelin' b.  Time friggin' flies.


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