September 4, 2012

Switchin' It Up

We decided to switch it up this weekend... and go camping in the rain. This past weekend we ventured to Eklutna Lake, a state campground 45ish minutes north of Anchorage. 

It always seems to rain on our camping adventures.  In fact, we've stopped checking the weather forecast fully expecting it to rain. So, we've learned to make the best of it and no longer let a little water spoil our weekend! You can say we've kind of perfected the art of camping in the rain. Besides the obvious camping necessities (firewood, good food, warm clothes, etc., etc.), here's some of our tricks:

+  We did our research and invested $ into a quality tent that will keep us dry (Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4)…
+   …Along with sleeping bags that will keep us warm (Kelty Cosmic Down 20).
+  We've become good friends with tarps and Steve has become quite the knot master, having our tarps up, and down, in seconds.
+  Our Xtratuf rubber boots have become like a second layer of skin.
+  We keep travel Scrabble and a deck of cards in the camping box.
+  We keep a flask of whiskey on hand to mix up the perfect hot-tottie that warms the soul and helps you forget you're sitting outside in the rain (see below). 

Despite the stress, and discomfort, the rain may cause, we'll take any adventure we can.  We don't let a little rain discourage us. We make the best of it. And that's exactly what we did this past weekend (and pretty much every other this past summer)...

Camping in the Rain Hot-Totties:
+  1 package of spiced apple cider juice crystals (preferably no sugar)
+  shot of whiskey (your choice)
+  splash of pineapple juice
+  hot water

Combine all above ingredients in a travel mug and voila! Enjoy!

Have you ever gone camping in not-so-ideal weather? What's your secret?


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  1. That is some hardcore travel scrabble. You guys are too cute! Xx


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