November 9, 2012

"Paw"sitive Future

So by now everyone knows the results of the US presidental election, and if you don't you should probably crawl out from under that rock.

BUT Did you know that this also happened last night? 

That's right, Ahpun to polar bear was elected as the first animal president of the Alaska Zoo.
Photo by John Gomes

It was a wild race, with Ahpun trailing behind her competition, Denali the gray wolf, for much of the two-month long election. But in the end, she was able to fend off Denali and his posse and make a stunning comeback for victory. As an iconic Arctic species and with Alaska as the only state that has polar bears native to its lands, it only seems fitting that the first animal president of the Alaska Zoo be a polar bear.

AHPUN'S STATEMENT: "It was a WILD campaign. Paw to paw… all the way. It’s an honor to be elected the first animal president of the Alaska Zoo. I want to thank all my supporters and even those that voted for my opponents. In the end, we've furthered the Alaska Zoo's mission to promote the conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic and like climate species through education, research and community enrichment."   

Ahpun's official inauguration is on December 9 at the Alaska Zoo's Christmas for the Animals event.


The fun campaign was a fundraiser for the Alaska Zoo. Ballots were $1 and Zoo patrons were encouraged to vote as much and as often as they wanted.  Thank you to all that voted!

To learn more about the Alaska Zoo and their efforts to promote conservation through education, research and community enrichment as well as providing homes for injured and orphaned animals arctic and subarctic animals, click here.


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