May 11, 2013

I Hate Roller Coasters

Things have been happening this past week in our neck of the woods.  Some happy, some sad. Some up, some down. Updates to come soon, I promise.

But until I come off this emotional roller coaster (hopefully sooner rather than later because I am not a fan of roller coasters), I will leave you with the typical "past couple weeks in pictures" update...

1 // BBQing some salmon on a sunny day.
2 // Starting our Alaskan summer adventures off the only way we know how: with rain.
3 // Dinner at the Double Musky in Girdwood.  Pretty fitting these two flags were beside each other... our 2 homes.
4 // The days are getting longer and the midnight sun is almost here.
5 // Rainbows after a bad day make everything ok :)
6 // Feeding my two pokey friends. Always puts a smile on my face.
7 // Enjoying the view.
8 // I should probably be productive, but can think of a million things I'd rather do, including this.
9 // Beautiful forget-me-nots... spring is finally here.

Have a good week friends.  Remember to enjoy the ride.


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