April 29, 2013

When I Turn 65...

...photographing birds will definitely be a hobby. 

Who am I kidding?!  That's what I did Thursday afternoon!  It's already a hobby, 38 years too soon.

The snow geese have arrived at Potter Marsh for their yearly stopover before they continue their journey north for the summer.  They covered the ground like a snowy blanket while they ate their way through the marsh.

Ok, enough with the birds. As for the rest of my life, this is currently happening,


Here's [some of] the best of the past week,
  1. Rekindling an old relationship.
  2. Good thing she likes me, or these could really hurt.
  3. My baby Maya the musk ox (right) celebrated her 2nd bday.  Yes, at 250 lbs she is still my baby and yes, I remember and celebrate my animals' birthdays.
  4. Little white bear (who is now becoming a polar bear).
  5. Reaching out to my future 65 year old self at Potter Marsh.
  6. An attempt at a decent meal while Steve is on the road.  
  7. Cheering on my favorite hockey team.
  8. A little shuffle board action.
  9. I'll never pass up a good country cover band.

ps. In exactly 2 months, this boy will be stuck with me forever (muhahaha) :)

Have a good week friends!

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