June 6, 2013

Day 10: The End Is Near

Day 10: Estevan, Saskatchewan to Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Wildlife Spotting: deer

Distance Traveled: 1140 km/713 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 5546 km/3467 miles

Today was a long one. We wanted to push as far as we could so that when we made it to Chicago we could enjoy being tourists for the day.

We traveled through three states:

North Dakota...

Minnesota (which is beautiful by the way)...

and ended the day's journey in Wisconsin (which is also pretty beautiful)...

The sun was setting around 7:30pm, which is something we're definitely going to have to get used to again.  No more midnight sun for a while.

Before passing out for the night, we indulged in some Wisconsin cheese and beer, and some smoked salmon from our Alaskan friends.

By the way, I am not a fan of North Dakota.  Living in Alaska, having a cracked windshield is nothing out of the ordinary. Driving in AK for three years, including the car we have now for over a year, we were fortunate to go without a single crack in the windshield.  It wasn't until we reached Fargo, North Dakota that we got hit with the big one... cracked right down the middle.  Unfortunately, it's mandatory to fix in Ontario. Thanks for nothing Fargo.

So until next time, when we are one stop away from HOME.


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  1. CHEEEEESE! That looks like my most favorite dinner ever!

    Safe travels!


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