June 4, 2013

Day 7-9: Stampede City & Are We There Yet?!

Day 7 - 8: Banff, AB to Calgary, AB

Wildlife Spotting: Nada.

Distance Traveled: 127km/79 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 3487 km/2180 miles

The drive from Banff to Calgary was fairly uneventful, quick and filled with rain.

We spent a couple of days in Calgary visiting with family we haven't seen in a few years.  Steve had never been to Calgary, so we toured the city and vowed to come back in the near future for Stampede. It was good to just relax for a few days and catch up with family, to relive somewhat embarrassing memories, and our "accident-proneness" (yes, it's a word, but the story is for another time), from when we were younger.

So, until next time, when ours days get long and dull as we make a push for home.  Lake Huron is calling our names.

Day 9: Calgary, AB to Estevan, SK

Wildlife Spotted: Deer, pronghorn antelope, prairie dogs (and lots of cattle)

Distance Traveled: 919 km/574 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 4406 km/2754 miles

Happy June! It's my favorite month... and this year, it'll be extra special!! :) 

Our visit in Calgary was way too short.  Luckily, we will see most again at the wedding in a few weeks.

We hit the Trans Canada Highway and started heading East.  Soon after leaving the Calgary city limits, the rain started coming down.  Welcome to the Prairies!

The journey from here on out will definitely not beat the excitement we had in the first half of our trip, but we're definitely trying to make the best of it.

Some things that got us excited today...

We ate some Alberta beef jerky.  The best we've every had.  The bag didn't last half a day.

Did you know Medicine Hat, AB has the world's largest teepee?  It says so on the sign, so it must be true.

We entered Saskatchewan, and the terrain became as flat as a board.  I don't know how people do it.

The largest excitement of the day came when I saw this... and after it took my brain a second to register what is was, I yelled "STOP!' and made Steve turn off the highway.  Look familiar my fellow Canadians?

That's right, it's the set of one of the best Canadian shows, "Corner Gas".  We just happened to stumble upon it while driving through the little town of Rouleau, SK.  Unfortunately, it isn't real.  But definitely was exciting to see.

Half a continent away from AK, driving a vehicle with AK plates, we have definitely had some stares along the highway.  Either we're aliens or people don't think roads exist in Alaska and that we all ride around on dog sleds.  It's a pretty big conversation starter when we stop for food or gas.

So, until next time, when we dip back down into the States...


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  1. Road trips are my absolute favorite, so you better believe I have followed along with yours. We live in MN, so the whole flatland/prairie thing is what we experience as we head out on any road trip. Your pictures have been awesome!!


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