July 29, 2013

weekend recap // i ♥ t.o.

We're counting down the number of weekends we have left this summer before hockey scoops us up and plops us in a new part of the world.  Safe to say, we're trying to take advantage.

This weekend the travels left us in Toronto, where we celebrated my bigger little sister's 22nd birthday. I love this city (and obviously my little sister). Another solid weekend in the books.

1//  Beaches Jazz Festival.
2//  FINALLY these have come to Canada. #marlarita

Friday + Saturday:

1//  Jays game for my sister's bday (that she didn't end up making because she had a photo shoot). #whereskendiddle
2//  Couple of SILs. #whereskendiddle
3//  One love T.O.
4//  Best hangover food: eggs benny/poutine combo.

Sunday Funday:

1// Cheers to beer at the Toronto Festival of Beers.
2// Beef jerky makes me happy.

1// Foodies - poutine and lobster rolls.
2// Found my limearitas.

1// Sibs.
2// My bigger little sister. #beforeshewasfamous

1// Beer snobs.
2// ♥

Happy 1 month anniversary to my hubby.  I know it's not much to celebrate, but it's hard to believe that amazing day was a month ago!  This summer is flying!

How was your weekend?

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  1. A month already?! Congrats kids! You're all lookin fantabulous...just how I remember you!! Xx

  2. Did you two sign somewhere ??!!


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