July 24, 2013

Gypsy Soul

Having stability on our side the past three years was a very nice feeling.  But, when we left Alaska, sadly we didn't pack stability into the truck with the rest of our belongings.  While I know everything will work out in the long run, the unknown of where we will end up this upcoming hockey season is beginning to wear on me.  I've chewed off all of my nails, and when that happens, it only means on thing... I'm stressed.

I had lunch with my best this afternoon.  We were talking about what married life feels like and what the plan is for Steve and I this hockey season so that she can come visit.  I said we're still working out the details for which part of the world our travels will take us to, and that being in this position meant it was hard to plan anything for the rest of the summer and upcoming year.  We talked about [me] being unemployed and how we're both living at home with our parents, and while that is by no means a bad thing, it isn't exactly where we saw ourselves in our late 20s.  She could tell I was stressed.  Then she showed me this...


"You're a gypsy! You have a gypsy soul!", she said excitedly.  While that wasn't exactly the word I would use to describe myself in my current "situation", I kind of liked it.  Her attitude inspired me. Ok, so maybe I am a gypsy, inclined to a "nomadic, unconventional way of life", always in need of  change and adventure.  I do love a good adventure, so let's go with gypsy. 

"Is being a gypsy in my late 20s such a bad thing?", I thought. Of course not!  While unpredictable, unstable and unknown, I love this gypsy way of life we've chosen to live.  So, why am I stressed?  Not everyone is as lucky as we are.  People would kill to be in the position we're in - to get paid to do something you love and travel to places those can only dream about. I know one day, sadly, we will have to give it up (but we'll cross that bridge when we get there).  So, until that happens, I need to shut up, stop chewing my nails and enjoy every second of this adventurous ride, unknown or not.

Excited for this new adventure and chapter as mr and mrs!

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  1. How wonderful to get a new perspective on a stressful situation. I hope everything works out wonderfully for you!

  2. We are the same way. We're getting ready to embark on a new adventure, too! I feel ya. Nails are gone ;)


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