August 3, 2013

Missing & Loving.


Years ago I would have been dreading this time of the year because it meant back to school.  Now that I've joined the educated yet unemployed club, I'm looking forward to fall.  Changing colors, comfy sweaters, tall boots...

Moving on...

As Steve and I lay in bed the other morning, he said, "I miss Alaska camping."  His thought was followed by a pause, as if we were both daydreaming about the amazing camping trips we took.  I replied, "I miss Alaska", followed by an even longer pause. Sigh.

There's no denying I've had a rough time this summer dealing with the "loss" of Alaska. I've cried, I've threatened to move back and I've overused starting every sentence with, "In Alaska..."  Here's just a few reasons why.

Things I'm missin':

1// Fireweed

2// Fishing

3// Midnight sun bonfires

4// Camping

5// Friends (both fur and human kind)

But, on the flip side, we've also had one hell of a summer at home.

Things I'm lovin':

1// Puppy cuddles and kisses

2// Beach days

3// Lake Huron sunsets

4// An abundance of local produce

And last, but definitely not least, 

5// Family time

Happy August long weekend my friends!


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  1. Wow! Some beautiful photos :-) I have spent my summer at home this year and I am missing travelling lots at the moment. I am not used to staying in one place all summer!

    Missy x


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