August 5, 2013

The Fur Babies Take Over

In celebration of Titus' champagne birthday (5 on the 5th, wow time flies), today the blog is being taken over by the two fur babies, Mo and the bday boy himself.

When most people think fur baby, they would most likely think Mo and Titus are dogs.  Well, that's only half right.  Titus is a chihuahua and Mo is a mouse.  Yes, mouse.  I was the girl who had every single small animal when I was younger, and that clearly did not stop past my teenage years. 

No matter how hard Titus tries and Mo taunts, being friends just isn't in their vocabulary. This should be interesting...
Left:  baby Titus // Right: baby Mo
How did you get your name? And do you have any nicknames?

Mo: My birthday is in November and dad was in the process of growing out his moustache in honor of "Movember". // Moses, Mojangles and Jangles.

Titus:  I am small, but mighty. 'Nuff said. Mom and family call me Tityman or Tity.

What is your favorite food?

Mo: It is a common stereotype that mice like cheese.  However, for me, it's all about the peanut butter. Mom and dad give it to me every time I come out of the cage and onto their hand for some weird reason.  It's like they're rewarding me to socialize with them.  I love to socialize so I keep playing along because I can't waste some good p.b.  Banana chips are pretty good too.

Titus: This is a hard one.  Grandma and grandpa spoil me with treats (mom, ear muffs).  I even have my own special treat drawer!  Mom is a bit of a debbie downer when it comes to treats, they have to be "healthy".

What are some of your favorite things?

Mo: Peanut butter, sleeping in my egg carton, head massages, taunting Titus (the dummy doesn't realize I'm untouchable behind these bars), and recently I've really taken to the great outdoors.  

Titus: Sleeping in, running on the beach like I'm David Hasselhof, laying in the sun, moving shoes around the house, belly rubs and car rides.

Some of your least favorite things?

Titus:  Flies (I swear they are conspiring against me), waking up early, photo shoots, too many people in the house (my social anxiety kicks in) and people touching my front paws.  

Mo: Who knew you were so high maintenance Titus? Mine would be cleaning day, not enough tissue and sunflower seeds. 

Any special skills or talents?

Mo: Hmmm, this is a tough one... I can talk and let you know when I want something and I'm really good at sleeping.  One time, grandma thought I was dead because I slept for three days straight.  

Titus: I'd like to say I'm a man of many talents.  First off, I started a dance craze called the "Titus shuffle".  It's all about the back-kick and has been performed on dance floors all over the US and Canada.  I'm also good at rolling over to insinuate I want a belly rub, am an excellent dishwasher precleaner and an even better guard dog.

What is your favorite memory?

Mo: The 12-day road trip home from Alaska.  Who knew Canada was so beautiful?! And the car ride was very calming, made me sleepy.

Titus: The whole 5 years have been pretty epic.  I've been able to travel with mom, visiting places like Pennsylvania (my home state), New York, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Mom said that I couldn't go to Alaska because it's too cold and that I'd be eagle bait.

Last but not least, finish this sentence, "One day I hope to..."

Titus: Rule the world.  Oh, not possible?  Get Mo. Oh, too cruel? Ok ok, since mom's not allowed to get any more dogs, one day I hope to be a big brother to a human smaller than me. I'm a really good big brother, right Mo?

Mo: That baby doesn't stand a chance with you.  cough*attention whore*cough Anyways, one day I hope to bathe in a tub of peanut butter. Its the simple things in life that make me happy.

If animals could talk, these two would be trouble...

Happy 5th birthday to my little man Titus.

Have a good week friends!



  1. no mentioning of uncle Kane giving you pb hey Mo? How soon we forget...people change

  2. I think it is really cool that you have a pet mouse. I always had a collection of pets as a kid and had mice, hamsters, fish, ducks, snakes, etc. in addition to cats and dogs. Right now we just have two kitties, but I still love mice and hamsters.


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