September 26, 2013

Reflection From 42 Floors Up

I'm currently staring out my window at the world from 42 floors up, coffee in my hand.

From 42 floors up, I can see... The condo next to us under construction. A crane sits on top, lifting pieces of window pane over 30 floors. When it swings around it gets so close to my window that it looks like I can reach out and touch it. Men in yellow hard hats are working like bees in a hive, drilling, hammering, welding. I look down at ground level and as soon as the feeling of vertigo subsides, I see people walking dogs in the small green space across the street, commuters hoping on the city bus, cars on the highway speeding to their destination and gargoyles protecting the building a block over, as if it were Gotham City and Bruce Wayne lived in the penthouse.  North, planes continue their descent to the large airport, several miles away.

From 42 floors up, I can hear... the car horns of people with some place to be, the wind billowing against the windows, the constant beep beep beep of a dump truck and the sound of a drill against concrete.  

From 42 floors up, I feel... like I'm on top of the world.

Hope you're having a sunny Thursday!

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Linking up with Story of My Life for my last Blogtember post.  Bring on October!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my Oktoberfest post. Also, my husband plays hockey on two teams in Bavaria. Not pro teams just hobby teams. He's always trying to get me into the sport, but truth be told it's way better than football or soccer!

  2. I can just imagine your view being amazing! What a fantastic post.


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