September 28, 2013

Fall in the New Hood

Today, we plan on gallivanting around our new hood, oogling over the changing leaves at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.  That is, if the blanket of smog fog covering the city disappears. On Monday, I abandon my life on the Real Housewives of Toronto and start working again.  I can't believe it's been four months since I said a tear-filled goodbye to all of my friends of all animal varieties at the Zoo, but I am ready for it! I'm sure there will be plenty of updates in the coming weeks as I follow the same career path I was on in Alaska, but in a much different environment.  

As most people on this Earth know, the series finale of that show about a chemistry teacher turned meth cook (also known as Breaking Bad for those that have no idea what they're missing) is tomorrow night.  Since I am only starting this last season, I have decided to disconnect from social media for the next couple of days (easier said than done, I know).  I can already predict twitter, facebook and every other website will be blowing up with details about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, so I can't ruin it for myself.  I will be back mid-next week with lots of updates on the weekend, my new job and maybe even hockey preseason :)

P.S.  Did you know that tomorrow is National Coffee Day?  I'm lovin' our new french press and this sounds like the perfect excuse to have an extra cup while sitting on my couch in my pjs for just a liiiitttttttttlllllle bit longer.


In case you missed it, this week I:
♥  Gave an update on life lately.
♥  Broke my toe, but made unbelievable pork chops with apples and onions.
♥  Described the sights and sounds from 42 floors up.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. gorgeous photo. I hope you had a lovely, social media free weekend. I sort of did the same thing, without meaning to, and am just now logging back onto my computer to see what my blog friends have been up to. Can't wait to hear about your new job!


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