September 7, 2013

Saying Yes to a New Adventure

Any guesses??  I'll give you some hints: This adventure does not involve 1] mountains, 2] thousands of miles in a car or airplane or even 3] a different time zone. But it does involve 1] tall buildings 2] the Great Lakes and 3] Christmas dinners. Now you think you know? Most importantly, it involves being HOME! 

That's right, we're going to be living at home for a FULL YEAR! (**happy dance**)

While staying at home may not seen like an adventure to most, it will be my first time home in three years and Steve's first in TEN! Not to mention, our first time living in our own place as husband and wife. 

No, Steve's not ending his hockey career, he's just signed with a new team in the Toronto-area. Bonus!

While it pains me that we're not going back to Alaska, or even Europe, after many tears, deliberations, arguments and weighing the pros and cons, we ultimately decided that the opportunities presented to the both of us at home (hockey, work, family, school, yada yada) were too good to pass up! 

5 reasons I'm excited to be home:

5//  Tim Horton's. 

4//  Lake Huron. 

3//  Family and friends will be able to watch Steve play.

2//  We won't miss any milestones, holidays or birthdays (including my SIL's dirty 30).

1//  More family, friends [and Titus] time!!!

Happy Saturday!



  1. Gotta say number 3 on that list is ahhhh very booster worthy. Toot toot!

    Ole Floodsy

  2. Yay for Timmy's! :) Just found your blog through Friends Around the World, love it! x


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