September 10, 2013


After a whirlwind few days exploring D.C. and Charleston, we finally made it to Myrtle Beach for a little r&r. While in Myrtle, the beach is your playground, with over 60 miles of sand, sun and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.  While the beach all I need for a perfect and relaxing vacation, if you're looking for more, the fun extends beyond the shore to over thousands of area activities and attractions.

We spent most of the week enjoying the sun and warm ocean water - reading, boogie-boarding, shelling, building sand castles and indulging in one or two adult beverages.   

The tourists weren't the only ones that were taking advantage of the surf. This is what it looks like when the lifeguards clear a large stretch of the water when a 5-foot shark has been spotted right where you've been swimming all day.  Didn't stop us from enjoying the ocean though, even when it happened a second time on day 2. #couldhavebeensharknado

We couldn't have asked for better weather.  If it rained, it came at the perfect time of day, lunch time, when we needed a break from the heat anyways.  It looked like a work of art when the sky couldn't decide if it wanted to be sunny or stormy.

In the same day we witnessed two abnormal things:  1) a shark where we were swimming and 2) Ted Nugent. Yes, we visited the House of Blues for an Uncle Ted concert.   (While the House of Blues is an absolutely phenomenal venue, I've tried to supress the memory of Uncle Ted.)

We visited the Ripley's Aquarium to experience the world of sharks, rays and other amazing critters.

And on the last morning, we woke up early enough to watch the sunrise light up the sky and do a little beach combing.

Ahhhhhh, relaxation.  I could really get used to this unemployment thing. (Just kidding.)

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? What was your favorite thing to do?



  1. Wow, I love the aquarium pictures and your evening beach ones are gorgeous too.

    I'd love to visit Myrtle Beach when I come over to the states :)

  2. I've been obsessed with South Carolina for the last 8 years & contemplating moving there within the next 3 years. And this post only made that dream more real. Beautiful pictures!

    Glad I'm here, y'all are adorable.

    XOXO Fal

  3. That's down in my neck of the woods! Hi, visiting from the Friends Around the World linkup. Now I'm thinking of trying my hand at a driftwood candleholder. Alaska has been on my travel wishlist forever, maybe someday... Looking forward to more of your gorgeous pictures, bisous!


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