September 11, 2013

The Moment My Life Took a Turn

the moment my life took a turn

I like to consider myself a "preparer".  I may not be organized in my day-to-day life, but when it comes to big, potentially life-altering, decisions, I always like to know what's happening ahead of time.  For example, any other day a move to Alaska would have been planned with absolute precision.  But in our case, we had 5 days to get our shit together and hop on a plane.  

It's funny how life can take some pretty unexpected turns.  Like ours did for the 2010-2011 hockey season.  Let's rewind a little so I can tell you all about the moment my life changed, for the best.

Steve had been back and forth all summer, with two offers he was interested in - one for a team on the west coast and one on the opposite side of the country.  I can't exactly remember why, but the decision was finally made to go to the team on the east coast.  Closer to family, or comfort perhaps?  Can't say I wasn't thrilled with the decision - we had been dating for 5 years and decided to take the leap and move in together, and in the sunny south to boot.  

The end of training camp was nearing and my bags were packed and ready to go, bathing suit and all.  The only thing I needed for my drive was a GPS, especially if my parents were going to be ok with me doing it with Titus alone.  So, my dad and I headed to Walmart.  Somehow we ended up in the iron aisle when my phone rang.  It was Steve, and without me getting a word in, I heard the three little words that I was dreading, "I've been traded."  But before I could tell him it's ok and that some things are meant to happen, he said what I dreaded even more, "You'll never guess where."  Not sure how it came to mind, but I said "Alaska?!" followed by some words that should probably never be said in a raised voice in Walmart.  They were bad enough to cause my dad to come rushing over from a few aisles over.  

While Steve didn't have choice in the matter, he was hesitant to go.  And I don't blame him.  Alaska was so far and from what we had heard, cold and dark. The next thing he said will forever stick with me, from the exact words to exactly how it sounded coming out of his mouth. "Are you in?" he asked.  With a quick "You guys have nothing to lose," from my dad, right there in the iron aisle I said, "Let's do it", and went and put the GPS back.

We had 5 days for Steve to drive back from South Carolina, and for us to pack up our lives, say our goodbyes, "see ya in May" and board a plane, destination the Land of the Midnight Sun.  Only, that never really happened.  We didn't end up coming home for 3 years.

A week after we arrived in Alaska is when I started believing everything happens for a reason.  We were absolutely meant for that place.  It gave us both opportunities we had only dreamed about and we met some pretty incredible friends in the process.  

The moment my life took a turn wasn't just a move to Alaska with my best friend, it was a move that turn into happily ever after.

(To read more about the move, and the reason this little blog was conceived, click here.)

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!

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  1. I can't imagine having 5 days to pack. Not only that, but packing for a vastly different climate!! Ha! Alaska has a way of grabbing hold of ya!! It's one year ago from this time that we were last there! In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it feels like so long ago!! I don't miss the cold, I don't do cold well, but I still miss my home state!!

  2. Love it. My move to Alaska was unexpected, too...but I know we're both so glad we got to experience it. Sometimes plans are overrated anyway ;)

  3. I love this post. I'm a huge planner too and I find that some of the best experiences in life are the ones that just randomly happen or come unexpectedly!

    Do you think you'll go back and visit Alaska?

  4. 5 days to pack? Good Lord you're an inspiration. As scary as our move abroad was, we had about 6 weeks to get things together, and were still down to the wire. But I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for you guys at the same time!


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