October 1, 2013

Forks of the Credit

I've come to learn that different is good.  Change is good.  Take for example, our love of hiking - we can still take advantage of the many trails Ontario offers, but it is different than it was in Alaska.  Different terrain, different flora, different fauna... a change. 

This past weekend we explored Forks of the Credit, a provincial park just north of Toronto in Caledon, ON.  Located on the Niagara Escarpment and famous Bruce Trail, this park surrounds a stretch of the Credit River as it narrows and rushes through a deep gorge, plunging over falls.  There is a network of trails to explore throughout park that take you through rolling hills, grassland, coniferous forests, past small lakes created by glaciation and up some fairly steep grades.

The entire area is remarkably beautiful and feels completely remote.  As you wander the trails, it is easy to forgot that you are just a short drive from Toronto.  This protected oasis is an absolute gem and a must visit for anyone in the area looking to get outdoors.

How to get there from Toronto:

  1. Take Hwy 410 N past Brampton
  2. Continue onto Hwy 10/Hurontario St
  3. Turn left onto Forks of the Credit Rd/Regional Rd 11
  4. Turn right on McLaren Rd
  5. Turn left into park

Cost: $14 per vehicle for a day pass (automated machine, coin or card only)

Have you ever been to Forks of the Credit? What is your favourite outdoor space? I'd love to hear!



  1. Gorgeous photos. I can only imagine it must be so different than hiking in Alaska, but no less beautiful. I've been getting the hiking itch lately too. It's such a tease to have trails directly behind our house but to be too pregnant to use them! Soon enough, soon enough...

  2. It looks like such a beautiful place! I love that photo of the bee.

  3. Looks beautiful! I'll have to go there one day!

  4. wow, gorgeous! different from ak, but no less beautiful!

  5. Oh wow, I've never heard of this park but may need to check it out. I bet it will be even more gorgeous once all the leaves start changing colours.

    I also really like the Don River Trail. It makes you feel as though you've escaped the city completely.

  6. We are very lucky here in Ontario as we have miles of great trails to hike. I've not been to this one but I'll be adding it to the 'to do' list for sure

  7. So pretty! It would be a blast to explore such a beautiful corner of the world! Hiking, biking, lounging by the lake.... AHH what a dream!


  8. Wow this place looks amazing and so great you have places like this nearby. I love to be outdoors and this scenery is inspirational.

    Just popping by from Travel Tuesday
    Laura x

  9. Hi Mar! I'm Sarah! I found your blog via the button on Tina's blog, Girl Meets Globe. Your photos are really, really good. I love the bumblebee shot!

    This area reminds me of the places we used to hike in east Tennessee. It is so gorgeous this time of year with the changing colors of the trees!

  10. Isn't Ontario awesome!? So unexpectedly pretty, ahah. Gatineau park is close to where I live and I love going there, its so pretty! I think I might be coming to toronto soon for a mini-vacation, I miss it there!

    thanks for linking up with PhotographyFriday again! :D
    xo Jess


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