December 3, 2013

AK Adventures | Prince William Sound

I thought I'd start this series off with one of our favourite Alaskan adventures, a fishing trip in Prince William Sound. There really is no other place like it.

Discovered in 1778 by Captain James Cook, Prince William Sound is ringed by the steep and glaciated Chugach Mountains, part of the nation's second largest and northernmost national forest, Chugach National Forest. The coast line is convoluted, with many islands and fjords, several of which contain glaciers. Commercially important for fishing and oil industries, the sound is also prized for its abundance of marine and coastal life, from seals to porpoises, to bears and bald eagles, from spruce and hemlock rain forests to glacier-studded landscapes.

You can't pass through Prince William Sound without being in complete awe.

Have you ever gone deep sea fishing? I'd love to hear about it!

Coming up next: Iditarod



  1. I love that you're doing this. I'm a little worried that we will have the same reaction when our NYC time is up in a year and a half. These pictures are beautiful :)

  2. This is just fishing on another level! Those fish are huge!

  3. What a beautiful place! My fiance would love to go fishing here! Can't wait to read about Iditarod :)

  4. gorgeous photos! makes me miss summer soo bad:(

  5. Looks beautiful. How cold was it out fishing? And did you get to eat your catch?
    Claire xx

  6. i used to work at a fishing lodge off of the prince of wales island in AK and it looks so similar to this! too pretty.

  7. Wow beautiful!!!! Kudos to fishing ... I never learned, though my brothers love it. Glad I found you through the Travel Tuesday Link-up!!

  8. I read this wrong at first and thought you said Captain James HOOK and instantly was like - PETER PAN!!! :o)

    These are such beautiful photos. I'd love to see this myself one day!


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