January 28, 2014

How To: Beat the Vacation Blues

It happens every time you step foot back on home soil after a relaxing vacation - you dream about being back on the beach, sipping a pina colada, you talk about where you want to go next and you even complain about the weather back home. You have trouble reacclimatizing back to every day life. You have, the vacation blues.

And while I may not be able to escape to a tropical destination this winter (thanks a lot hockey), I have definitely have been dreaming about it. So for those of you luckier than me experiencing the vacation blues, your problems could be worse, with a few simple steps, you can get out of the rut, be as productive as you were before your vacation and beat the dreaded vacation blues. Here's how:

1// Unpack
Unpack your bags and do the laundry as soon as possible. Take some time to put away the 80 degree weather clothes that, if you're lucky, won't again need to resurface until summer.

2// Recreate a meal
One of the best parts of traveling is trying out new foods. Is there a meal that stuck with you from your vacation? Jerk chicken? Pasta dish? What about a drink? Pina coladas anyone? Find a recipe to recreate the meal. Even invite friends over to indulge. Knowing that you can recreate the meal yourself, at home and whenever you want, is a bonus.

3// Listen to music
Does the country you visited have a traditional genre of music? Mariachi? Reggae? Why not turn on Pandora, Songza or download some songs that will remind you of your vacation.  

4// Get outside
Yes, the weather may be a little different, and yes, you may need to bundle up, but getting outside will be refreshing. Even with snow on the ground, that dose of vitamin D will lift your spirits. 

5// Organize your vacation photos
Download and organize your vacation photos as soon as possible and while the details are still fresh in your mind. Why not hold a viewing party with friends and family to share memories of your trip? Or create a photobook or scrapbook if you collected souvenirs like maps and brochures. Making a photo book will help your relive the memories and remind you why you love to travel.

6// Plan your next vacation
Look forward to the future. There's no better cure for the vacation blues than to grab a map, do some research and get excited for your next vacation. 

Do you have vacations plans this winter?

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  1. I kind of wish I had vacation blues right now, only because it would mean that I just came back from somewhere warm!

    Unpacking is a good idea. It's the first thing I do when I come back!

  2. Great suggestions! Vacation Blues are definitely not fun… I've been there often enough! I think the first and the last point are the most important ones for me. Having another trip planned already makes me excited for the future to come and unpacking makes sure that I come back to everyday life. Plus, I feel like a slob if my bags still aren't unpacked days after I've come back (not that that has ever happened… ;) )

  3. I love the quote in the picture!! Its so true you can always make money but you can't always make memories. Vacation blues are no fun at all, when I travel I am just left for a bigger desire to travel even more when the trip is done! These are some great tips, recreating meals from places you have been is a fun way to share your travel experience with others also!

  4. I love love love the quote on the picture! I actually spent my morning debating if I should make plans to go visit a friend this summer or save the money like I always say I'm going to do. Think I just decided to go ;)

  5. I always unpack as well! I get into quite an extreme post-vacation funk sometimes and planning where I'd like to travel to next, always, always helps. x


  6. I am always planning the next place we need to go to. I was working on our shutterfly book from our Honeymoon Sunday night and it overcame me that we just need to go back this summer, Charleston South Carolina. We spent a lot more money than we would on any other vacation since it was our honeymoon but I am sure we could go again this summer and save money on lodging by staying at my Uncle and Aunt's house who live there and then we can just cook there at the house and not have to worry about eating out every night. Ahhh....I am dreaming again lol

    There is no better feeling though than getting home and having all your laundry already done within a couple hours and not have to be worrying about it.

  7. Ugh post vacation is always the hardest! These are great ideas :)

  8. These are amazing tips!
    I'm always sad when I get back, but I'm interested to try some of these and see if they make a difference.

  9. Great tips for post vacation! We are still waiting on our passports from the visa app, but will be traveling to near by towns this season. x

  10. Amen for numbers 2 and 6. Recreating a meal is something I often do, and nothing beats planning another holiday!
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  11. Great tips! Nothing better than to plan the next trip!


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