March 29, 2014

Earth Hour 2014

As global citizens, we are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change, and we understand that these impacts are a result of human behaviour that will, without action, only get worse. 

Since 2007, millions of people across the world have rallied together in a symbolic demonstration for action on climate change. It all starts with a simple flick of the lights at 8:30pm on March 29. This hour of darkness is a time to come together to display our commitment to the one thing that unites us all, the planet.

This global phenomenon and the largest grassroots action in history is called Earth Hour.

This year when you turn off your lights, take a moment of darkness, a moment of reflection and introspection, be inspired to choose a future where climate change is no longer a threat. Earth Hour is a chance to step away from our every day activities and think about what is happening to our planet, what we'd like to see in the future, and most importantly, how we can help. For one hour, focus on your commitment to our planet for the rest of the year, and into the future. Why do you care about the planet? Why is making a difference and making a change important to you? 

So, join millions of people across the world who will switch their lights OFF q for an hour on March 29 at 8:30pm, all to raise awareness for the planet. Instead have a candle lit dinner, take  a nap, read a book by flashlight, talk with friends, stargaze, play board games, join a community event, or reflect on the changes you will make this year. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever you chose to do for the hour, know that hundreds of millions of others across the global will be doing the same. Uniting behind a common goal provides a powerful message that WE CAN make a difference. 

We only have one planet, you can help protect it.

Will you join me?

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  1. This is definitely important. I am definitely a nazi about turning off lights when they're not in use. It took Josh a while to get used to that but now he's pretty good about it too (I think when he saw how much it helps our electric bill!)

    1. I am too, and unplugging things. Steve still thinks I'm crazy sometimes, but even something that is plugged in and not running uses power! Not only are you making a commitment to the planet, but by turning off the lights you are definitely helping put money back in your own pocket.

    2. Hahaha...I am SO happy there are other people out there who unplug everything! We keep our TV, microwave, computers, floor lamps, toaster, chargers, and other electronics unplugged at all times except when in use. Our electric bill has never surpassed $35 a month, and we know we're doing our part to keep energy usage to a minimum.

      Thanks for supporting this!

    3. Wow Mo! That is extremely impressive! We are currently living in a condo and not paying our own utility bill. I sometimes feel that when you don't have a bill to pay, it's out of sight, out of mind. In the future when we do have our own house and utility bills to pay, I will definitely remember this. Do you take advantage of "off-peak" hours as well? Does your city lower their rates for electricity during off-peak hours?

  2. I wanted to but I was working! It's definitely something that needs to be promoted more, I think.

    1. Did you do it at work? Next year, you should get your work on board! At the Aquarium we were unable to turn off all of the lights for the safety of the fish and guests, but we turned off all of those that were not necessary, like tv screens, some outside lights, music and office lights.

      I agree, it does need to be promoted more. I feel that this year I didn't hear as much about it as I have in the past.


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