May 21, 2014

Head in the Clouds

Last week, I finally picked my ass up and went to get a new passport. When it was finally my turn, the woman behind the counter looked at my hometown and and said she'd never heard of it. I briefly described it's location and size, saying it was extremely small. She asked me if it had a convenience store, church and beer store. I said yes, yes and yes, as she said "Well that's all you need. Are the people nice?" Kind of an odd question, but living in a city of millions, you'd get it. We laughed about how people still make eye contact in my home town and how you even know your neighbour's name. The conservation ended with her saying, "Sounds like a nice place." And it is. Much different than the big city.

Lately my head has been in the clouds...

In my day dreams, I escape the city living, the long commutes, the hustle and bustle, the pushing and shoving, the honking and yelling and the concrete for days.

I escape to a place that is peaceful and quiet.

It is a place where the breeze blows and doesn't carry the stink of a big city with it.

Where the tall buildings are replaced by tall trees and that concrete is replaced by lush green grass that you can feel between your toes. 

Where time is not dictated by a set routine, but rather the rise and fall of the sun

Where you don't know what your closest neighbour is doing, or what they've having for dinner. But you do know their name, and when you do occasionally see them, you can engage in friendly conversation. 

Where getting your food doesn't involve parking lots, shopping carts or long lines at checkout, but simply a basket and your bare hands

This is my day dream...

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Where do you go when your head is in the clouds?

Andi @ ap loves designThe places I go when my heads in the clouds! I'm at the point in my life where I want to be a mom and have a family, so I'm constantly thinking about babies. How they will look, smell, who's personality they will have. Babies are definitely on the brain. But I also think about where my business will be in the next five years. Or at least where I would like it to be. I do a lot of daydreaming. Maybe a little too much :)
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  1. My head probably goes to a combination of the places that yours and Andi's do ... anywhere but the city I work in and the town I live near ... and that whole husband and kids thing too, especially with so many cousins close in age getting married and having babies of their own.

  2. The picture of the windmill and sunset hits a little too close to home for me - My grandparents and tons of aunts and uncles have farms here in Nebraska, all of which have a windmill exactly like that. Come visit and look for yourself ;) hehe. Miss you!


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