September 6, 2014

Cleaning Up

Last night a brutal storm whipped off Lake Huron. Rain like we've never seen, leaves flying everywhere and trees coming down...

When a storm hits the lake, it usually means beach treasure the next day. So, with bucket in hand, I had every intention this morning of collecting driftwood for my next craft project. Instead, less than half an hour later, I walked back to my parents with over 17 pounds of garbage in tow. From large pieces of plastic, to plastic bottles, beer cans, a boat oar, styrofoam and broken balloons. And I know that I just scratched the surface, with proof as I walked past a half buried tire and blanket that were not willing to leave.

This is my beach. The beach I have grown up on, where I spent many hours laying on the shore and playing in the water, and where I got married. It is the beach I intend for my children to hold as near to their hearts, and it sickens me to see it this way, littered with trash.

I know when garbage leaves your possession it becomes out of sight, out of mind. But please, allow these pictures to remind you that it doesn't just disappear. It ends up in our waterways, polluting our beautiful beaches and harming the wildlife that call them home.

Do your part! Take part in a shoreline cleanup. Don't live by the ocean or lake? Not a problem. Find your nearest body of water, from a small creek to a pond or river. Do your part to keep our natural world clean and happy.

Have you ever taken part in a shoreline cleanup? What did you find? How did it make you feel?

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  1. Oh wow that's an amazing amount of rubbish! Yes I have taken part in a cleanup - when I was in primary school! It bothers me that people don't tidy up after themselves!

  2. I did spring clean up in my neighbourhood every year when I was younger - I find it terrible that people throw out stuff like that. I mean the fact that you found all that crap in less than 30 minutes is crazy!

  3. That's so sad. I hate seeing litter anywhere that it's not supposed to be. Good for you for taking the time to clean it up. I try to anytime I see any blowing around the streets, too. I mean, we have garbage cans every 500 feet here - the laziness of people puzzles me!


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