September 3, 2014

That thing called golf.

Golf is such a funny word. Did you know that the modern game originated in Scotland in the 15th century? And that one of the most common misconceptions is that the word 'golf' is an acronym for gentleman only ladies forbidden?

In my 28+ years on Earth, I have played over a handful of sports - soccer, hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball and curling, to name a few. But in those 28+ years, golf was never one I desired to try. You see, I'm rather competitive. But at the same time, when I'm not good at something, I give up. Aaannnddd I get bored easily. Golf just didn't seem like my game. Patient and competitive, yet easily bored, don't really go hand in hand.

"Keep calm and don't give up", were my husband's words of advice when he heard I was going golfing for the first time. Secretly, I think he was glad he wasn't there to witness my frustration. But at the same time, secretly I think he would have loved the chance to laugh at me. "Get 3 beers in you and it will be easier", were the wise words from my brother. Ya, that one wouldn't wouldn't be a problem.

While we were there to golf 18 holes, I clearly spent the majority of the time ogling over the scenery, taking pictures and chasing after the deer on the course. Priorites. 

And for the record, after my hour long lesson (because my sister didn't want me to embarrass her at her place of work), I lasted 13 holes. Not too shabby for this first timer.

Take a look...

What are your thoughts on golfing?

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  1. I've been to some of the oldest courses in Scotland. Golf has such a cool history and it was cool to see it first hand over there. I actually played one year of golf in college, until I realized just how bad I was. That was the end of my career. That is actually one of the main things Joshua and I both miss back home in Illinois. Can't do much golfing here in Alaska!

  2. You obviously know how I feel about golf Mar! Very proud of you for givin it a go haha. And that course looks STUNNING!! Where was it? Fantastic pics, tell Kenz she has a nice lookin backswing too haha. Xx

  3. I'm the same actually - I've played many sports and ..well i don't actually think golfing is a sport lol It never really inspired me! Then I was studying in Scotland and what better place than learning how to play golf! I actually loved it - although I'm like you I get annoy and quit when I'm not good at something, I'm used to catching up quickly to things so I don't think I'd have the patience to do an 18th hole. Golfing surprised me though - I still don't think of it as a sport, but it's crazy how much skills you need! I have a whole new respect for golfers now!

  4. I love your brother's advice! I've never golfed myself for exactly the same reasons as you (also, it's pretty intimidating as a beginning to have zero equipment or knowledge of the rules). That being said, I have gone to the driving range a couple of times which is way more up my alley and stress-relieving to boot!

  5. This is a beautiful course! My honey is obsessed with golf, he would love this course! I'm talking, he plays 4 times a week, if possible. Loves it! I find it extremely frustrating! haha

  6. Haha--great photos! What a gorgeous place to play. Beats those boring Florida courses ;) Love the sign about wildlife stealing the food! :D

  7. That is a beautiful course and your pictures are great!! My husband love to golf but hardly has time to anymore and the only reason I ever want to go is to drive the golf cart! :)

    Amanda - Life With Grace


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