December 12, 2014

5 Ways to Escape a Winter Rut

I've been in a real funk lately. At home, at work, just an all-around winter rut. Is anybody with me on that one?

Here are some ways that I escape the winter rut's hold, also known as "what I've been up to lately"...

Drink champagne on a Tuesday, while watching Frozen. Because why the hell not.

champagne tuesday

Get allergy tested and find out that after 10 years, you're not really allergic to shrimp, crab or lobster. Sigh.

allergy testing

After above appointment, buy yourself something real nice to make up for acting like a crazy lady at restaurants the past 10 years. (I now apologize to those I was rude to when asked the question, "Well how bad is your allergy?".)

treat yo self

Rock your ugly Christmas sweater. Because its the happiest time of the year.

ugly christmas sweater

And lastly, drool over pictures your sister sent you from her trip to Barbados with your parents. 

barbados sunset

Nevermind that last one. Realizing you couldn't a) go on that trip to Barbados because of real-life adult problems, like deciding to buy a house, and b) see your sister, puts you right back into the funk.

But then Mother Nature decides to drop  a boat load snow and I'm quickly reminded how lucky I am to live in a place that experiences all four seasons, including winter. So I should probably stop my complaining.

cn town in snow

How do you deal with the dreaded "winter funk"?


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t.o. & fro



  1. The winter funk can be hard to shake off I have so been there. I think a little treat yourself day is a great idea!

  2. Ughhhhh I'm with ya girl. I've been sleeping every chance I get and just feel doowwwn. Love your Christmas sweater!!

  3. The outfit you bought and your Christmas sweater are the best!

  4. I think this calls for a Lobster dinner?

  5. Seafood allergies are no joke! I have one and I've had bad experiences with waitstaff not taking my allergy seriously, so I don't blame you for being a crazy lady about it. (Especially because I am totally a crazy lady about it myself.)

    You brought home some great pieces! I love that F21 pendant.

  6. When I lived in upstate NY the winter funk was brutal! I pretty much did what you're doing... lots of wine and close my eyes and pretend it was summer. I can't stand snow!

  7. The winter funk here doesn't include snow yet - just grey days that make you feel sleepy and tired. I have a sunlamp that helps me otherwise I would be a not so nice person. I like the idea of champagne on a Tuesday! Why not!! So glad your allergy is gone. Sadly, I still show signs of it! Enjoy some lobster for me!

  8. Champagne and Frozen? Sign me up.


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