May 15, 2015

Where Urban Meets Nature

Trails are a great way to be active, get around and explore the city you call home. Toronto may be considered a concrete jungle, but there are still quite a few places where you can go for a long walk among the trees. Where urban meets nature. 

Only steps from our front door is one of Toronto's many trails - the Betty Sutherland Trail. This particular trail follows the meanders of the East Don River in the northern part of the City. Named after Betty Sutherland, a former member of City Council who championed parks during her political career within the former municipality of North York, the Betty Sutherland Trail is a fast and easy one - perfect for an after dinner walk.

At the entrance to the trail by our house, you'll find the ruins of two small buildings, of which is little known (or could be found online). They clearly have some history to them, and while it was sad to see these mysterious ruins plagued by vandalism, it was interesting to see how nature has tried to reclaim the landscape. 

We continued along the well maintained trail as it meandered along the river. Despite the distant hum of the traffic on Ontario's busiest highway nearby, walking along the East Don River was extremely peaceful.

After exploring the 1.85 km trail for about an hour, we were spit back to the reality of urban living.

Spring was definitely in the air - the foliage was lush and green, the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping and the animals, including two white-tailed deer, were loving life. I was also loving life - it always amazes me that in the heart of such a big and busy city there are so many of these little 'pockets' to be enjoyed.  I can't wait to explore more of the city's hidden gems this summer.

Do you have any trails close to your house?

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  1. I love that there are such beautiful trails in the middle of a big city. It's such a needed an escape. Love your photographs! Happy Weekend.

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the moody light in the photos. There's not really a trail that's super close to where I live, but there is a great botanical garden I love wandering through.

  3. There are some awesome trails and views from the Don River eh? Also what's pretty right now is High Park with all the cherry blossom trees in bloom. :)

    Have a fabulous weekend my friend. :)


  4. That looks like such a nice trail - a little getaway in the city!

  5. Great pictures!

  6. So beautiful! I love being able to get away from the city and into the nature, so nice to have it close by!

  7. The pictures are beautiful! It's really nice out there! I must say that it's indeed a wonderful get away!
    Jade x


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