July 1, 2015

Days of the Month: July

Another month, another 31 days worth of celebrations! Here are July's days of the month and more fun blog post ideas, for those days when the creativity is lacking...

  1. Canada Day - Share your favourite Canada Day memories. How do you celebrate our country?
  2. I Forgot Day - Are you a list maker? Share your tactics for remembering the important things.
  3. International Plastic Bag Free Day - How do you help protect Mother Nature?
  4. Independence Day Share your favourite July 4th memories. 
  5. Bikini Day - Share your favourite beach memories. 
  6. Fried Chicken Day - What is your favourite comfort food? Share a recipe.
  7. Chocolate Day - Share your favourite chocolate recipe.
  8. Video Games Day - What are your favourite games?
  9. National Sugar Cookie Day - Share your favourite cookie recipe. 
  10. Pina Colada Day - Share your favourite summer cocktail recipe.
  11. Arctic Sea Ice Day - How do you help protect Mother Nature?
  12. Different Coloured Eyes Day - Do you wear glasses? 
  13. French Fries Day - What is your favourite fried food?
  14. Shark Awareness Day - Do you have a fear of sharks? How do you overcome your fears?
  15. Cow Appreciation Day - What is your favourite animal?
  16. Fresh Spinach Day - Go meatless for a week. What was it like? What recipes did you make?
  17. Peach Ice Cream Day - How do you treat yourself?
  18. National Caviar Day - Are you a seafood lover? What is the most unusual seafood you've eaten?
  19. Daiquiri Day - Share your favourite summer cocktail recipe.
  20. Space Exploration Day - What was your dream job when you were young?
  21. Junk Food Day - What is your favourite junk food?
  22. Hammock Day - How do you relax?
  23. National Hot Dog Day - Over the stove or the campfire? How do you make your hot dogs?
  24. Tell an Old Joke Day - What makes your laugh? Share your favourite jokes.
  25. Parents' Day - Write a letter to your parents.
  26. All or Nothing Day - How do you seize the day?
  27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day - Put on a pair of pants and get outside!
  28. Milk Chocolate Day - Are you a chocolate lover? What is your favourite way to eat it?
  29. Rain Day - What is your favourite rainy day activity?
  30. Paperback Book Day - Review a recent read.
  31. World Ranger Day - Have you visited a national/provincial/state park? Share your photos.
July is...
Picnic Month - Go for a picnic in the park and share what your packed.
Independent Retailer Month - Share your favourite local small business that you support.
Ice Cream Month - What is your favourite flavour? Have you ever made your own ice cream?

This is just a small sampling of the many interesting and fun days celebrated in the month of July.  I hope you enjoy this feature, and that it brings your some inspiration when the creative juices just aren't flowing this month.

Happy July!

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  1. Love these posts that you do! It's interesting there are several drink days this month - I'm also loving the cow appreciation day. :-)

  2. Picnic month! I am totally going on a ton of picnics.

  3. So strange.. I didn't see this until just now..


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