December 14, 2015

Last Christmas as a Duo

I just had a realization the other day that this Christmas will be the last as "the two of us". I can already tell these remaining 15 weeks are going to fly by...

Baby Wardo 25 weeks bumpdate

How far along? 25 weeks - baby's due date is March 25, 2016.

Gender? Keeping it a surprise, but I have my suspicions

Names? We've got our lists and we're checking them twice... but we haven't settled on any real contenders yet. 

Size of babe? An ear of corn, or 9 inches in length and a pound and a half. 

Baby Wardo 25 weeks bumpdate

What's going on with babe this week? Blood vessels are forming, nostrils are starting to open. 

Cravings/aversions? My need for salt has decreased, slightly. I'm loving hot chocolate, but don't even mention chicken around me. Gag.

Symptoms? As I near the third trimester, I have really started to feel my energy decrease again. Too bad I don't have Italy to distract me this time. Heart burn has also started to show its ugly face and I am constantly feeling stuffed up. But aside from that, the trend of no complaints continues. And let's hope it stays that way.

Sleep? Can someone please tell me what that word means? Sleep is extremely limited. I am usually out cold by 9:30pm (and I mean so cold, I can't even form sentences if you try to wake me), and am wide awake at 11:30pm3:00am and 5:45am (of course, 15 minutes before my alarm clock). Could it be a sign of things to come?

Baby movement? Constant and getting stronger. Someone commented at work the other day how I'm always moving and should sit and relax. Being able to relax would be nice, but between how uncomfortable I am sitting at my mini cubicle and baby telling me its time to move, I can't sit still for long. 

Innie or outie? Half and half. I have a long torso and high belly button to begin with, so I feel like it's taking its sweet time to pop. Fine by me.

Maternity clothes? I'm still holding on to some of my pre-pregnancy shirts. I would rather wear them into the ground now and be able to buy new clothes when I go back to work, than spend a ridiculous amount of money on maternity specific shirts. Maternity pants are unavoidable, but oh so comfy.

How's dad? Amazing. He is so excited - talking to baby, feeling his/her kicks, asking how we are both doing. I can't wait to see him in his new role.

Missing? Being able to stay up past 10pm. My energy. My sleep. Two cups of coffee a day.

Looking forward to? Moving into our new apartment/temporary home in January and being able to set things for baby.

15 weeks  |  20 weeks

Baby Wardo 25 weeks bumpdate

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