December 4, 2015

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Tis’ the season to deck the halls! While decorating for the holidays is one of the most enjoyable experiences of the holiday season, it can easily also be stressful if you’re on a budget. If you’re like me, you need to stretch your holiday budget to cover more than just the decor - there’s gifts, food and drinks, entertainment and often travel that also need to be factored in. 

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

With some creativity it’s easy to decorate for Christmas on a budget. Here are 6 budget-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays, while still keeping the season bright throughout the house:

1. Plan ahead. 
When opening gifts, save any gift tags, bags, bows, paper, etc. that you can to reuse for wrapping or decorating next year. When Christmas is over, most stores will put their unsold decor on sale. This is the perfect time to scoop up some new items, often at a deep, deep discount. 

2. Use what you already have. 
Bored of the decor items you already have? Now may be the perfect opportunity to breathe some new life into them - whether it is adding a little paint/glitter or even styling in a different way. 

3. Go handmade. 
Pinterest is a great source for DIY holiday decor. From wreaths, to ornaments and centrepieces, the possibilities are endless. When buying materials, check out local flyers for sales and coupons. 

4. Harvest Mother's Nature bounty. 
Take a hike in the woods and see what Mother Nature has to offer to decorate your home. You can clip evergreen boughs to create a table centrepiecewreath or affix to the mantel. Add pinecones to a bowl or mason jar to spruce up your table. 

5. Go thrifting. 
If you're a thrift store fan, make sure to check out the holiday decor section. Pick up decor items as you find them. Thrift stores are also great for gently used linens and serving trays, plates and mugs. 

6Don't forget about the Dollar Store. 
You can't always associate the dollar store with tacky and cheap. Look beyond the price and see the potential of the decor items. Here are just some of the amazing holiday decor items, and more, that you can find at the dollar store:

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays
1. wrapping paper, tissue & bags  |  2. cards & labels  |  3. stockings & hats
4. decor & ornaments  |  5. baking needs   |  6. christmas tins, paper plates & napkins

What are you budget-friendly tips for decorating? Where do you shop for Christmas decor and gifts? I'd love to hear!

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