Where Will 2016 Take You? // Sponsor Spotlight

After a year that saw a camping adventure, an unforgettable vacation to Italy (Rome -> Naples -> Amalfi Coast) and work trips to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Columbia, South Carolina, 2015 may be hard to beat in terms of travel. However, we do have a few adventures up our sleeve... 

2016 travel adventures

We're planning to spark the travel bug early in the little one. And while they may not remember it when they grow up, their first big adventure will come at 3 months old. When we left Alaska, we made a pact that we would visit every other summer. This summer is no exception. We can't wait to get back in July.

Homer, Alaska harbour

We're hoping (all fingers crossed) to plan a stop over in Edmonton on our way to Alaska to visit my sister and celebrate one of our very good friends getting married. 

Our annual summer camping tradition will continue this summer. However, it may be a little closer to home, and closer to the grandparents, in case of any meltdowns.  I spent two summers in University working at Pinery Provincial Park, so I think that may be our go to. And located along Lake Huron, it has a beach. A pretty beautiful one at that. 

Algonquin Provincial Par Canisbay Lake

Sadly, I have not made it to our family cottage for two summers. With a year maternity leave (thanks Canada), we will hopefully have some time to unwind there this summer. And now that my husband is certified, maybe even throw in some scuba diving.

New year, new adventures! Where will 2016 take you?

Chemistry Cachet
What are your travel/adventure plans for 2016?
I think the biggest adventure next year will be my husband graduating from the police academy in July, right around our wedding anniversary! We've been on many adventures with the marine corps, and now we get to start this next journey. We probably won't get to travel much next year, but I am excited about the next blogging adventure, I am working on some fun projects to reveal next year :)

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Something Saturdays
What are your travel/adventure plans for 2016?
In February, we will be taking a trip to Curacao with two of our close friends to see some charming architecture, explore nature, and, of course, relax at the beach. Then in May we will be taking a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo for 12 days (in total) that we booked spontaneously thanks to an amazing flight deal! And we also hope to squeeze in a couple of trips home to Newfoundland and the UK… Where all of this vacation time is coming from we’re not exactly sure!

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Route Bliss
What are your travel/adventure plans for 2016?
Right now its all up in the air, but I hope to do a few long weekend trips this year, mostly within Texas (and at least one to visit my best friend that lives in Arkansas). Later this year I'm hoping to spend a week in a very popular southwest destination if I can snag an affordable reservation very soon! And, maybe, if it works out, meet up once again at some point in August with my long-time Austrian penpal while she's in the U.S. (it would be the third time for us to meet up; twice here stateside, once in Austria). And lots of daytrips/microadventures throughout the year to be determined...

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What are your travel/adventure plans for 2016?
My 2016 travel & adventure plans are the biggest I've ever had! Two of my year long goals are to visit all 174 Florida State Parks, photographing as much flora and fauna as I can, and to complete the 52 Hike Challenge. We also have two biggish trips planned: first, my husband (who is a high school math teacher) and I are chaperoning his senior class to the Bahamas, and second, we're planning on doing some exploring in South America over the summer. Definitely excited for this year!

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