January 15, 2016

Slow Down Baby: 30 Weeks

28 weeks

I set the bar preettttyy high for myself with my 28 week belly shot, and have no idea how to top it this week.  So, I think it'll stick around for a little bit longer...

Today marks 30 weeks. We've finally settled into our new apartment, and things are coming together for baby. Time is flying. 

How far along? 30 weeks.

Due date? Still holding strong at March 25, 2016. The bets have begun, but I’m hoping baby makes an appearance Easter weekend or shortly after.

Baby’s size? Approximately 17 inches and just over 3 lbs. If you want to talk in fruits and veggies, the size of a large cabbage. Crazy to think it’s almost as long now as it will be when it makes its grand entrance.

What’s baby up to this week? Baby's eyesight continues to develop, his/her brain is getting bigger, he/she is starting to make their own red blood cells and and from here on out baby will be packing on the weight at a rate of half a pound per week.  

Gender? We’ll find out in 10ish weeks.

Movement? Constant and getting more uncomfortable.  He/she gets the hiccups a few times a day, so I can tell they are head down. Which also means frequent head butts to the bladder (never fun) and the odd tiny foot protruding from my side. 

Maternity clothes? In anticipation of what winter in Toronto should be, my parents bought me an amazing maternity winter jacket for Christmas. It has a zip-in front panel so it can be worn pre-, during and post-baby. Still stretching out my normal shirts and very much needing to invest in a good pair of slip on, but comfy and warm, shoes for work and the wet weather. Lace up winter boots just aren’t working out anymore.

Symptoms? Around week 28 I definitely noticed myself starting to slow down. I need to constantly remind myself that I’m not able to do the things I used to do. My balance is off, I can’t squeeze through tight spaces and I’m constantly running on low fuel. And let’s not forget the dreaded ‘baby brain’. The struggle is real.

Sleep? Frequently interrupted, whether it be from baby telling me to move or waking up to a full bladder or even a nosebleed thanks to the lovely dry winter weather.

Aversions/cravings? Still avoiding chicken. Pre-pregnancy, you couldn’t force me to eat chocolate. Now, much to my husband’s enjoyment and benefit, it seems that I have switched from salty to sweet. Having two sweet cravers in the house is bad news.

How's daddy? Amazing. He is so patient with me as I become more lazy and more forgetful. And he was a rockstar during our recent move, carrying the load because I was little to no help. 

Miss anything? Being able to remember things. (Like what I was doing before I sat down to write this update.)

Not looking forward to? Since moving into our new apartment, my commute to work has changed routes. It's often a struggle because of how busy the subway can be in the morning and evening. The majority of people have no courtesy, which means I'm often standing. Sometimes that's fine by me, but when people cram on the car like a can of sardines, I often don't feel safe standing. I'm dreading what's to come in the next few weeks as I get larger, and predict a meltdown, or few, in my future. 

Looking forward to? As much as I would love time to slow down, I’m really looking forward to meeting the little human.

Best moment of the week/what I want to remember? As we were unpacking and setting up baby’s closet, we listened to songs that reminded us of when we first met 10+ years ago (mostly Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw), and talked about how much life has changed. We're definitely not those 18 year old kids anymore.

From the looks of this closet, you'd think we were having a boy. I've been drawn to the animal-themed clothes, and sadly, those are mostly boys' clothes. Nothing wrong with a little girl wearing blue.

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