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10 At-Home Date Night Ideas

When it comes to date night, simple is key. No need for flowers and jewelry. Whether it is a movie night in, or making our favourite dinner together, it's the simple things that make me one happy girl. 

In honour of upcoming Valentine's Day, T.O. & fro's Small Town sponsors and myself are sharing our perfect date night ideas, starting with some of my favourite at-home date night ideas.

10 At-Home Date Night Ideas:
  1. Recreate the meal from one of your first dates.
  2. Have a candlelit dinner.
  3. Enjoy a local beer or wine tasting.
  4. Dream together. What will life look like 5, 10, 15 years from now?
  5. Learn a new together hobby together.
  6. Have a 'Chopped' competition. See who can make the best dish from items in your fridge or pantry.
  7. Make popcorn, snuggle up on the couch and have a movie marathon.
  8. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of when you first started dating.
  9. Play a board game or do a puzzle.
  10. Go camping in your backyard.

What is your perfect date night?

Route Bliss
What is you perfect date night?
Dinner and conversation + a fun activity like bowling or putt putt where we can get to know each other better for the first few dates.

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Dash of Herbs
What is your perfect date night?
My perfect date night would probably be an easy meal cooked at home - like this easy and quick chicken fried rice - and then a game night with my husband.  We both love playing games (he got me hooked on Battleship).  Possibly ending with a great dessert - like this vegan chocolate pudding.  Something low key and chill, but still where we are able to reconnect with each other and just have fun.

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